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Hi, my name is Kevin, and  I like to make things.

Ive been calling myself a woodworker for about 8-9 years now, however have always loved the craft.  My grandfather was a woodworker so its something i have grown up with.  He made mostly lawn ornaments and kids toys, so obviously that was something I gravitated towards.  I really started getting serious with my wood turning when I was introduced to a wooden toy called a kendama.  I bought my first lathe and my new path was being paved... From there is just got further and further into all sorts of wood working and slowly out grew my shop i currently had.  I now have my hands in all sorts of projects from hand turned pens to huge butcher-block counter tops. My latest and greatest, and favorite things to make are yoyos! This has been something I have tried to perfect over the years, and I have finally figured out how to make a high quality hand turned wooden yoyo.  

What is Fallen44

Fallen44 was a project i started about 6 years ago, I had set out to make a yoyo company, but fell short when I learned of the pricing of creating a yoyo locally.  Fast-forward 6 years and im making wooden yoyos... seemed only natural to continue that dream.  Back then i had this amazing idea to create a horror themed yoyo company that was for the adults to enjoy, at this time the yoyo community was booming and full of tattooed crazy people such as myself who loved the horror movie culture and who would love this idea!  To my surprise things haven't changed much, so fallen44 was reborn sort to say! Before you ask, no we are not a satanic cult... yes we have a pentagram as a logo, and yes our motto is "Throw a little evil in your life".  We are just having fun with the brand nothing is actually meant by this. 

Wooden Witch Craft

I consider myself a witch, take that as you will,  I am a practicing and trained yogi of 13+ years as well as a student of reiki. I use crystal and sound healing in my life as well as to help others.  Much of my wood craft is centered around Magickal practice and metaphysical properties. All of my wands, crystal bowls and any other magickal creations are created with the highest of energy and intentions. 


Charlitwood was born a few years ago... I needed something to call my company, needed to be catchy and cool.   All the cool kids were changing spelling and say words like fam, and lit... I live in Charlotte... it's cool,  I make things out of wood that are cool... i needed a cool name...  "lit" evidently means cool.... so trying to keep up with the Jones's, Charlit Wood was the obvious answer for a super cool wood crafter from Charlotte... HA!