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Custom anodized etching

Locations of image

Got a aluminum yoyo or any anodized aluminum parts you want to have an image on? I can help you, we can laser etch anodized aluminum up to 9"x9" have your image ready in jpeg form at least the size that you want it lasered, then just let me know the location you want it (ill let you know if the area does not seem possible or if i think it wont look good). Locations can be inside of the cups, or in the catch area, rims... This is for one location for two locations please choose 2 locations. Once you have placed your order you will get an email instructing where to send your yoyo/s. Please allow 2 weeks for shipping, processing/ shipping back. ( This is for the US, international will take longer due to shipping)

SHIP WITH TRACKING, i will do the same, i am not resposible for lost yoyos in the mail. I will also do my best with placing the image exactly how you want it and where you want it, but once its done it is done. There will be no refunds if you do not like the way it looks once lasered.

Email me if you are interested in batch lasering, i will give you a deal!!!