• Murdama

    The Murdama is Fallen44's first Kendama. It is a heavily modified production kendama, meaning half manufactured and half hand turned. We have added a few key things to an otherwise mundane basic kendama. First off We made the cups shallow to allow for maximum trans contact, then we have each cup " death grips" these rings act as a braking system to catch that tama and hold it. Up next we took some of the weight out of the base cup making lunar balance much better. And finally we widened and agled the tama hole for the perfect bird killer! To finish it off painted out black with a bit of blood splatter and added a nice red target right around the tama hole, to help you spike that last trick. These are laced with a red satin string, and glass bead. (since these have been heavily modified there may be a few small marks on the ken, these will not effect play.)

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