• Pawn

    While I was making this piece I envisioned myself on the wood lathe, and shaped it as such. Here we have science showing us it’s true colors, no really the pink and green colors on this are nothing more than the fumes of vaporized pure silver and gold. These fumes were trapped under tiny wraps of clear glass,  and with the right heat that silver and gold turned into a pink and green hue, which I then enhanced with one more wrap of a sparkling color called Green Stardust, and embellished with Amber purple and Slyme Green.  What a Beautiful unique piece if I do a ay so myself. It measures approximately 4” and 2” wide weighing 100g.
    Disclaimer: This is handmade by yours truly and is not intended for anything other than cbd use... Otherwise it's purely just a functional piece of art. Must be at least the age of 21 to purchase.