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Squarp Pyramid

This sequencer is absolutely amazing!!! If i didn't need the money i would not be selling, purchased brand new 4 months ago for $750 plus shipping. I've used it all of maybe 20 times, kept in a smoke free environment, still have the original box. Works as amazing as it did when i first set it up.  

100% standalone

Pyramid is designed to be the perfect brain for your musical setup, from studio to stage. It brings together a powerful sequencer, a looper, a rhythm generator, a real-time effect processor, a midi controller and an input+output interface. 

Pyramid does not produce sounds. Instead, we have focused our energies on creating an innovative and complete sequencing solution full of creative tools.

Pyramid is an instant source of inspiration to start, finish & perform your song!

Connect your modern and vintage instruments
straight out of the box

Full connectivity:  midi  in/out,  midi usb  in/out,  cv gate  in/out,  din sync  out, footswitch.