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We do offer Wholesale, however there is an MOQ of $400 to receive the discount.  Currently these are the products that we offer.  Wholesale orders depending on the size, and how many orders I have in front of you can take a minimum of 2 weeks to complete as they are made to order.  Certain colors can be requested but are not guaranteed to be in stock.  If you wish to place a Wholesale order with me , please message me what you would like and I will put an invoice together for you minus the price of shipping which will be determined once I can weigh the box.  A deposit of at least half down is required to get your order in the que and get the process started.  All of the prices are half of what i would sell retail.  Each piece measures approximately 4-5", with a 1.5-2" bowl, the actual bowl push is typically 5/8ths but i can also do 1/2" and 3/4" upon request.



Honeycomb fritter

These are one of our best retail sellers.  Made from Pyrex glass these pieces are very vibrant and most will change color as they get used.  The actual honeycomb has nice depth and color.  No honeycomb is alike. 


Wigwag spoon 

These pieces are made from hand pulled lined tubing the I personally make.  They have a nice shape with a maria on the neck, and typically measure 4-5".  These are also one of my top selling retail pipes. colors can be requested but not guaranteed that i have it in stock. clear magnifier dots are optional. 



Multi color Frit spoon with a Maria

This Spoon is classy, with a nice shape and can  be made in multiple colors like the picture or in any of the fades from down below.  Also featured on these is a nice spiral marble on the front, and a few other clear magnifier dots. (you can request no dots if preferred.)


Condensed refined frit spoon

These are made on the lathe to ensure perfect condensing and very straight necks and marias.  The frit placement on the inside is meticulously done to give beautiful lines and shapes of contrasting colors.  This type of glass is a bit thicker and heavier as they use almost twice as much glass but are the same size as my others. 



Mushroom Spoons

These literally fly off the shelves in every shop I'm in! I try to give these a nice organic shape and I also  tuck the bowl under the bottom of the mushroom head, this si the only piece i make with a 1/2" bowl. . Speaking of the bottom I sculpt each one of these with little ridges to mimic what a real mushroom looks like., and the tops can be pretty much any color, just ask. 


Classic Tri Fade Spoon

This is a classic shape with a three color fade.  Clear magnifiers are optional. 



Classic Two Color Mix Spoon

This is a classic shape with a mix of color and sized frit, giving a very unique, and organic look.  Colors can be at random or by request if i have it in stock.  Clear magnifiers are optional. 


Classic Two Color fade Spoon

This is a classic shape with a two color fade.  Colors will be at random or by request, if i have it in stock.  Clear magnifiers are optional. 



Fumed Boro Straw

These Straws are fumed with silver meaning they will change color as they get used, and pulled down on a lathe, making sure everything is perfect and straight.  There is a condensed area right before the mouth piece created to keep those hot oils out.   There is also a flat spot on the bottom of the maria to keep it from rolling off the table. They range from about 6-8" long mostly body, with a nice thick tip, to keep from easy breakage.  Dots are random colors but can also be requested if I have it in stock. 


10 pack of clear rigs 

These all clear rigs are 14mm rigs and stand around 8" tall.  They have a welded perc from the bottom, and a bent neck. Colors, and attachments are also available upon request, prices will reflect. 



10 pack of clear recyclers

These all clear recyclers are all 14mm and stand around 8" tall. They have a welded in perc from the bottom,  single uptake and a bent neck. Colors, and attachments are also available upon request, prices will reflect. 

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