Unique Hand-crafted Wood, Glass and Art 



My name is Kevin and I like to make stuff

Ever since I was out of high school I have dabbled in screen printing, after purchasing a small one color press i was kinda hooked.  About ten years later started my first job in a screen printing company, this was back in 2010.  After working there and learning everything I could I decided I could open my own company.  Inkbot printing was born, we had a great location in the heart of the Arts district in Charlotte NC.  Well news came through that they were tearing the building down and we had to vacate the building, I was devastated but didn't give up. I ended up building my own shop in my backyard and moved everything in there... Coincidentally that's when I had the space to also begin my wood working dream.  Ive been calling myself a woodworker for about 8-9 years now, however have always loved the craft.  My grandfather was a woodworker so its something I have grown up with.  He made mostly lawn ornaments and kids toys, so obviously that was something I gravitated towards.  I really started getting serious with my wood turning when I was introduced to a wooden toy called a Kendama.  I bought my first lathe and my new path was being paved... From there I got further and further into all sorts of wood working and slowly out grew my shop I currently had.  I now have my hands in all sorts of projects from hand turned pens to huge butcher-block counter tops. My latest and greatest, and favorite things to make are wooden yoyos! This has been something I have tried to perfect over the years, and I have finally figured out how to make a high quality hand turned wooden yoyo.  After playing around with wood I picked up lampworking, which is a form of glass blowing.  I had apprenticed under a fellow lampworker around 7 years ago but funds and space were never really there to have my own setup, it was always over run by the printing press, wood and wood working tools.  After moving around a bunch i now have a separate area for screen printing, and my wood working and glass working station share the space. Now i am able to enjoy all three passions of mine WOOD, GLASS and PRINTING!


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